A film review of Kung Fu Panda

Write a film review on the film Kung Fu Panda, that we have just watched in class.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKQPBtu3j3NU4eZ3kN9Ns5WeKl6xYarPUjXWuA-640i3yWmRbS0O0VbPU
  1. Organize your film review in three paragraphs
    • First Paragraph - Introduce the film. Include its name and type and the name of the main characters. You do not have to talk about the actors who play the main characters, as Kung Fu Panda is an animation film. Give your opinion.
    • Second Paragraph - provide more details about the plot and about what you like or dislike about the film. Often, the present simple is used here.
    • Third Paragraph - Say why you think people who read you and have not seen the film would like this film.

  2. Use at least two connectors of contrast: (However, although, on the one hand, on the other hand, but, Even if)
    • You have more information about connectors here

  3. Film reviews are semi-formal, so you should use contractions, but you must keep a polite tone, and avoid using slang.

Deadline: Thursday 23rd April at midnight
Length: Write at least 80 words