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What Tales Tell Us will consist in adapting H. C. Andersen's tales for the stage. Pupils in Ins Eduard Fontserè and in Zespol Skol w Prezclawiu will work in two phases.
In the first they will work on understanding the texts and creating a script; on the second they will produce an online document (possibly a play, but this has to be determined by pupils) based on what their twins have produced.

The texts and the sound files we will use can be found at:


  1. Use collaborative and group work to cope with authentic texts in English
  2. Reflect on language learning
  3. Familiarise with online dictionaries and understand in which ways they are different from translator tools
  4. Improve pronunciation and fluency in oral English
  5. Rewrite and simplify stories
  6. Share and have fun

Phase 1 - Up to the end of February

Pupils in each class will divide into two groups and read one original tale each (Which amounts to a total of 4 tales), listen to it carefully, and once this is done, transform the tale into a script.

While doing that they will be expected to:

  • Create a picture dictionnary (including a sample sentence for each entry)
  • Make a small diary on what they have learned doing the story (Grammar, cultural aspects....)
  • Read the story aloud and produce a podcast
  • Create a script
  • Express what the story means to them

Phase 2 - From March to May

The classes share their scripts. Polish pupils will make a documentary or play out of the Spanish scripts and vice versa. Pupils will be expected to:
  • Make some sort of performance based on their partners' scripts, which could be a play, a presentation, a documentary....
  • Share their production with partners