• Write two sentences with: It's about time.... +sentence

It's about time of you pick your bedroom.
It's about time you come on to my house.

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  • Write two sentences with: I would like to.... + infinitive

I would like to when I listen music don't bother me.

I would like to travel with my family to Asturias.

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  • Write two sentences with: Either... ((adv) + adj) or ((adv) + adj)

You either work or study.
You either have got clean the mirrors or do THE washing up.

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  • Write two sentences with: I DON'T CAR IF (NO ME IMPORTA SI) ... "Acción"

I don't care if I can't buythe CD of Beast. I can listen to songs for my PC.
I don't care if I have to do many homeworks. It's kidding, this is a torture.

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  • Write two sentences with: /He(sibject)/ SAID /he(subject)/ COULD (Ellos DIJERON QUE ellos PODÍAN) ... "Acción"

He said he could control to car, I made to error.

You said you could sudy alone, but your exam don't say that.

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  • Write two sentences with: IF /you are (subject)/... "Acción" TO DO IT ... "Acción" (SI tu eres ... PARA HACERLO ...)

If you are too impulsive to do it I will do it.
If he are too bad to do it we CAN practise volley and we WILL play the vital match.

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  • Write two sentences with: the more... (+subject + verb) the better...(+subject + verb)

The more you live the safer it's the coming of death.

The more you see the easier it is TO believe in the things.

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  • Write two sentences with: What if... (+subject + verb + object)

What if we dance to Peter el Anguila this evening?

What if you sing Lie to CNBLUE for my birthday?

  • Write two sentences with: I am going to (+infinitive + object) again and this time I'll (+infinitive + object)

I am going to travel to Japan again and this time I'll lost the trip of return.

I am going to clap to Big Bang again and this time I'll not harm in my hands.

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  • You are already ... as a ...

You are already nice as a the smell of new thing.
You are already fast as a Usain Bolt.

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  • That was the a ... I've ever seen

That was the most stupid action that I've ever seen.
That was the best match of football thar I've ever seen.

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  • You are going to have to ... sooner or later

You are going to HAVE TO talk with your mother sooner or later.
You are going to HAVE TO do the homeworks of Sciences sooner or later.

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