You will do 2 speaking tasks per term

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- 1st Term

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Ordering food in a Restaurant

In groups of three, you will have to prepare a dialogue where two of you will be clients, and one of you will be a waiter.

Your dialogues will have to include
  • The word "vegetables", "chocolate" AND "watch (your / my) weight"
  • Three adjectives that refer to food (oily, raw, spicy, sour....)
  • AT LEAST 4 sentences from ex 8 pp 17 (From the teacher's book)
  • Each participant has to speak AT LEAST 4 times

EACH OF YOU will have to hand a neat copy of the dialogue just before your role play. You cannot hand in just one copy per group.
  • Your mark will be
    • 20% the copy you have handed (which MUST follow the instructions above)
    • 20% the group quality of the written dialogue
    • 40% the group quality of your role play
    • 20% the individual quality of your role play

Preparation: B hour
  • In between, one member of the group can hand in the dialogue to the teacher for correction

Performance: One week later, during the next B hour

- 2nd Term

- 3rd Term


You will create a dialogue where you discuss where do you see yourself in 10 years time. You have to talk about family, university, jobs and travel. Your dialogue should have at least 12 interventions in total.

It should include: external image ChannelFouris25YearsOld.jpg
  • One "going to" (remember we use it to talk about plans and intentions, not about predictions)
  • One "won't" (will in the negative)
  • The word "island", "but", "abroad" and life (noun) /live (verb) (one of the two)
  • A first conditional sentence